This is Alexander Krasnov
He is Siberian artist, philosopher and cosmo-realist. In 1997 he was awarded with "Fukuoka Soken" for creating characters from the world of fantasy.

On exhibition "SO-EDINENIE" he presented his first sculpture of a space ship. It was made entirely with using of 3D printer Hercules.

Alexander | Artist
— It is my first such an experience. Yesterday they called me a sculptor, so I guess we can consider this a sculpture. But I do not distinguish this work in any way.

The model is printed of PLA plastic and consists of several parts glued together.

Alexander | Artist
— I personally needed not smooth surface. I wanted the ship to look storm-beaten. That's why we made it with layers, to create the right texture.

After all the details of the sculpture were ready and glued, we plastered all the joints and completely primed the whole figure.

Alexander | Artist
— We shipped the model to our workshop, bought some spray cans of paint and colored it metallic. I did not have any problems before and after the painting process. It is easy.

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Alexander | Artist
— I believe this is the future. It is not gypsum, something different. If every artist will have access to this technology, this can become a new branch in art. This is completely new opportunities.

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