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Nowadays 25 employees are working in our workshop. They manufacture more than 50 printers per month. Evolution Tower in Moscow is lower than tower composed of all manufactured within a year printers, which stand one on the other.
This year Meteorite fell down in Chelyabink, and we were busy to render a service of 3D printing We printed prototype models, souvenirs etc.

We liked it, but the printers we worked on did not suit us. It was clear, that on the market there was a lack of printer with good performance and affordable price.

It made us think about our own 3D printer designing and manufacturing. Thoughts are things
Our staff, that you could count it on your fingers, providing service of 3Dprinting. First participation in an exhibition in Siberia International Exhibition and Business Center and our first logo.
In February the first discussion what 3D-printer should be to satisfy customer needs started.

In March we had first prototypes, but fully completed first 3D printer just after 5 months of hard designing.

By end of the year, we had released 12 printers. Check out, how they looked.
Front view of first printers Hercules. Yeap, they did not look attractive, but their performance was excellent.
We developed a high-end printer: Hercules Strong.

First of all, we solved all main design problems, which appeared in first printers.

As the next step, we had decided to focus on concept of 3D printer the build volume of which would be much bigger than the build volume of most personal 3D printers.
We acquired a taste for doing 3D printers. During course of the year, we travelled Russia all over, took part in 15 various exhibitions and specialized events. This year was full of business trips to bring our product to the Russian market.

In the middle of the year, we arrived Amsterdam to demonstrate Hercules on «Additive Manufacturing Show».
Upgraded Hercules
We desired to improve quality of Hercules enclosures. Nevertheless, it is impossible to accomplish on the side manufacture that is why we started to use powder coating on our own.

After coating production we opened our own shop of metal machining that gives us an opportunity to produce carriages, guides, nozzles and other parts and fully control their quality ourselves.

We refreshed the big 3D printer Hercules Strong: changed its design to make it more brutal.
One improvement more: Hercules became bigger, quieter and more stable
In the middle of the year we started to cooperate with distributors for the first time: ABS3D in the beginning and then 3DTool.

In October we took part in specialized exhibition «3D Print EXPO» for the first time and picked up award "Rookie of the Year".
This is how Hercules Strong looked like before August 2017
Hercules Strong was successful. We put new technologies and innovation into a smaller enclosure to make the 3D printer more affordable for customers. Here it is. The upgraded Hercules.
Our participation on «Additive Manufacturing Show», Amsterdam
What did this lead us to? Our progress was not invisible. We picked up award «Brand of the Year» on exhibition «3D Print EXPO»

One more time in Europe on exhibition «FORMNEXT» in Frankfurt am Main to show our upgraded 3D printers.
Our macho, Hercules Strong
Our mount on exhibition «FORMNEXT» in Frankfurt am Main
Hercules Strong
Printer with large working volume for ambitious tasks
Compact high productive 3D printer Hercules
It feels like the text ended off, doesn't it? This is because history of the company Imprinta continues to develop, and you can see how.

Right now, our designers are working on next modifications of printers, the support service is providing help for our users, and the production department is shipping printers to new customers.

Would you like to learn more about today capability our printers?
Should we tell you our story up to this day? Then we'd have to find Marty McFly and his Delorean to travel five years back in time.
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In the middle of autumn we opened European sales. New office in the heart of Czech Republic, Prague. Someone says that on the day of opening the office citizens saw snow. Don't believe it! It was real Siberian blizzard!